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The Mountain Plaza / 山の広場 ® has evolved from a question about spatial experience to over 17 years of work; from 4 hands to over 4,000; from a self-sponsored sculpture into a community movement; from sixty tons of clay pounded into one form, surrounded by a 200 ton kiln that took 9 years to complete, and finally fired for 40 days to over 1200C (2200F) to become the world's first ceramic amphitheater. This acoustic fired earthen wall stands like a living extension of the ground upon which it has grown. Now, The Mountain Plaza / 山の広場 ® Ceramic Amphitheater Art Center is an international site in rural Japan devoted to art and culture.


2000 ~ 2016:

How we got from an idea to a fired form.

These photos are a brief peak into the past 16 years of amazing community effort.