Friends of The Mountain

“For our work to have relevance and meaning the work has to involve the community.”

- Ximena Elgueda

Yamanohiroba AboutScreen Shot 2017-09-05 at 16.53.18.png

Yamanohiroba is a work with the landscape and expanding the ideas of personal / community engagement. Through recontextualizing the place with people, yamanohiroba foments the exchange of ideas, which over time lends to rethinking cultural/social concepts within a community. Participants leave The Mountain Plaza with more than they came with: a sense of being interconnected through art.

The yamanohiroba “Come when you can. Do what you can.” policy allows 5 to 85 year olds play a part. This broad cross section of ages and diversity of backgrounds deepens the shared act of focusing on a common goal. Ultimately, the collective effort becomes the project’s modus operandi. The act of collaboration brings celebration to what we can do together: human potential.