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The Mountain Plaza / 山の広場 ® Ceramic Amphitheater Art Center 2017 year in review.

Thank you to everyone who has believed in this socially engaged experiment. 18 years ago we never imagined for a moment how empowering this site would grow to become. Now, as we complete our first year open to the public as “The Mountain Plaza / 山の広場 ® Ceramic Amphitheater Art Center” we take a brief look back and marvel with gratitude at all of the wonderful moments.

Highlights of 2017 have included:


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5月5日: International Children’s Musical Arts Festival

6月18日: AMAHORO activists for peace in Africa, N.P.O. work in Rwanda

7月8日: Dreams & Other Nocturnal Stories: 1st International Contemporary Art Event
featuring: Elaine Buckholtz and Floor van de Velde
Justin Hoover & Friends (
Kazumasa Hiei (
Tetsumasa Saito (
Rakugo by Kimochi & Shamisen by Fukaya.

7月23日: 3rd Anniversary of Firing
“Optical Experience” and light/sound video performance by NightHouse Studio

9月16&17日: Hiroshi Koike ( improvisation theater weekend workshop

9月24日: Universal Design / Barrier Free Event
featuring special guest: Dr. John Gathright

10月14日: Wedding with special guest performance of
traditional Japanese flute and tiger dance by Ayumi

12月9日: Santa Run Children’s Charity

When all is said and done, it has been an exciting and exhausting year. Although the production costs have covered bare minimum guarantees to the participating artists, moving forward in 2018 we will need to work on providing financial sustainability for long term theater maintenance. Ultimately, everything up until now has been possible due to the talent, technique and passion of all involved. Thank you for your continued support and believing in this public art project.

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Stay tuned for the 2018年 ~ 2019年計画 performance schedule.
We will be posting the schedule on

Please contact us if and when you are planning to visit Japan.

Happy New Year and hope to see you in 2018!
Your friends and familia at The Mountain Plaza / 山の広場 ®

by SX